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Spring Fjords Sweater

I fell in love with this seaside inspired Nordic pattern by DROPS Design last year and finally had the opportunity to make it.

Textured seaside inspired Nordic sweater knitted with DROPS Air and Big Delight

The piece is knitted top down in the round with off white DROPS Air (a lightweight alpaca/wool blow yarn) and jeans blue/teal DROPS Big Delight (a lightly spun wool yarn) in the yoke. The textured design with the blue looking almost as if it was hand stitched onto the white is accomplished by picking up loosely knitted strands of the Big Delight from several rows bellow to create unique curves and hearts. It looks complicated, but once understood, the pattern is quite easy to follow. The only confusion I had was with column A.2, which I ended up skipping and just knitting A.1. I also altered the sizing, because I wanted my sweater to look a little oversized. I really enjoyed making this piece and love how it turned out.


Marie said…
Very nice sweater. I love it.
rgs Zurich - Switzerland
Anonymous said…
Beautiful sweater! I really like how the pattern looks like hearts.
Knitting Andrea said…
Thank you! The hearts are my favorite part of the pattern, too.