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Hiking Reindeer Cowl

I was a bit slow to finish my latest knitting project, The Hiking Reindeer Cowl by It  is a beautiful stranded colorwork with conifers, a bird, and a reindeer climbing a hill during sunset. The chart is very small and difficult to see, so I really had to pay attention to it to avoid getting lost. As I usually knit at night while watching television, this cowl took me a bit longer to complete than I expected. Nevertheless, I enjoyed knitting it. I used DROPS Fabel in Black and Light Grey. I decided to go with grey, instead of a brighter color, because I wanted the cowl to be more reserved. Grey is more typical of a color to describe our usually overcast local sky anyway. I also made the cowl shorter and skipped the top 40 rows of stockinette stitch. I think it turned out lovely.

Cowl with stranded colorwork knitted with DROPS Fabel