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Easter EggKins

I hope you all had a happy Easter. For my kids this year I knitted these cute little EggKins, whose patterns were designed by Chris de Longpré. I used Elann Sonata, which is a 100% mercerized cotton yarn. I received a huge bag of this yarn in a variety of bright colors from a friend of a friend and thought that this was a good project to try it out. I really enjoyed knitting these little egg animals and my kids loved them too. They kept asking me if I was planning to include something knitted in their Easter baskets. Since I wanted to surprise them, I could only work on these during the night. Fortunately, they were easy knits. I didn't make the lamb and the duckling, as I didn't have any white yarn and was also short on time.

Knitted and stuffed Easter eggs resembling owlet, froglet, bunny, and chick
Knitted owlet, froglet, bunny, and chick eggkins.


Anonymous said…
Aww! They are adorable!