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January Projects

Happy New Year, Everyone! Since my last post, I completed a few smaller projects: 2 hats, a pair of socks, and a pillowcase that I started years ago. The first hat I made with a yarn I received from a friend of a friend. Usually, when I get yarn without having a specific project in my mind, I wait until the yarn "tells me" what to make. The combination of these 2 green colors reminded me of evergreen trees, so I knew that I had to make something with trees. I borrowed the knitting diagram from Inner Circle by DROPS Design and decided to knit a beanie hat with a pompom. I really like how it turned out. The yarn is a fingering weight merino wool called Baby Ull by Dale Garn in the colors Olive and Pea Green.

Green hat knitted with Baby Ull by Dale Garn using Inner Circle pattern

The second hat was a request from my son. He wanted a beanie hat with red, black, white, and grey stripes. I found small leftover balls of these colors in my stash and knitted this hat for him. Since I do not like purling in the round, I knitted the hat inside out. He absolutely loves it and has been wearing it inside and outside of the house for the last few days.

Knitted hat with pompoms in grey, red, white, and black

I still enjoy knitting socks. These simple socks were made with DROPS Fabel in Silver Fox and Black.

Socks knitted with DROPS Fabel Silver Fox and Black

I started the Sand Tracks Pillow by DROPS Design years ago but lost interest in it and put it aside. While going through my stash, I found it and decided to finish it. Since I used a worsted weight yarn, instead of the recommended DK, the pillow turned out huge. I ended up using an entire 32-oz bag of polyester fiber to fill it. I also wish that I had knitted it with smaller needles and the stitches were a bit tighter. Fortunately, the filling doesn't seem to shed through the holes, even when my kids pound on the pillow.

Offwhite pillow knitted using Sand Tracks Pillow pattern by DROPS Design 


Anonymous said…
I love all of them! The first hat is so cute and I love the design. The second hat looks so comfy I love all the colors. And the pillow looks amazing and the sockets look like a perfect gift.