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Chance Update 🐾

Chance had another visit to his ophthalmologist this week. The good news is that the swelling in his right eye has been improving since increasing the dosage of his immunosuppressive eye drops. In addition, as the inflammation in his right eye started to subside, Chance's energy level began to increase. He is now almost back to his normal self. He is even doing his regular mischiefs, such as stealing stuffed animals and socks from my kids' bedrooms. Unfortunately, the displacement of his right eye has been getting worse. The doctor performed an ocular ultrasound and, thankfully, didn't see a mass behind Chance’s eye. She also did a forced duction test to stretch the muscles and tendons around the eye and found no restriction in the movement of his eye. At this point, she thinks that the cause of Chance's abnormal eye position is not mechanical, but neurological. She consulted a neurologist again and both of them recommended a brain MRI to asses Chance's cranial nerves and to try to find the underlying cause of the oculomotor nerve deficit. However, she still doesn't know how this eye displacement ties in with the swelling and the redness. Although it may be unrealistic, I am hoping that whatever has been causing Chance’s symptoms is going away and that he will recover soon.

Golden retriever lying on the grass and staring at a tennis ball

All of these veterinarian visits have been very stressful for all of us. Due to COVID-19, veterinarian clinics are currently not allowing human visitors. Sick pets are dropped off in the parking lot and then are examined and treated without the comforting presence of their families, with whom doctors communicate via phone. Also, these visits are often very long. Chance has a tendency to sense when we are about to take him to the vet, even if we are very careful with our words. He then lies down in a pose that makes it impossible for us to move his 95-pound body. We usually have to trick him to get him near/into the car and from the car into the clinic, and this is becoming increasingly more difficult. After the vet visits he is then so stressed that he will not stop panting for hours. I am keeping my fingers crossed that his eye will get better soon and we will not have to worry about going to veterinarian clinics much longer.

Thank you all for the good wishes! 💗