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Shoreline Socks

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been staying at home since March 12th. That is over 4 months that my family has been spending together mostly inside of our house and backyard with some limited outdoor activity near our home. Although we have been enjoying spending so much time together, it is becoming more and more difficult to find ways to cope with the general isolation and the boredom. My kids miss their friends terribly and chatting over Zoom is not a substitute for in-person playdates. Their sports and summer camps have all been cancelled. It is getting more and more challenging to find activities, other than Minecraft and Terraria on their computers, that would get them excited. I feel the same. I love knitting but feel less and less creative with my yarn stash. In March we gladly accepted the stay-at-home order, knowing that it was necessary to lower the infection rate. We assumed that it would be short-lived. However, now with over 77,000 new US cases in just one day and the daily records increasing, we are all losing hope that it would be over soon. Accepting this as the new normal is not going be easy.

I promised a pair of socks for my husband and it was a bit of a struggle to complete it. I think I may need to take a short break from sock knitting and try making something different. It is my basic sock pattern with reinforced heels and toes, as he tends to get holes in those areas. I used DROPS Fabel in the color Shoreline. I loved that the color pattern seemed to be random, instead of having predictable repeats. Also, the navy and white wavy lines kept reminding me of the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Socks knitted with DROPS Fabel Shoreline with reinforced heels and toes next to sand dollars and seashells

To try to have my knitting mojo back, I figured that I needed to branch out beyond my stash and order fresh yarn. Since the Wool Warehouse is still not shipping to the US, I had to find another online yarn retailer that is. I came across several favorable reviews of Purple Sheep Yarns, which is also located in the UK. So I gave them a chance and did not regret it. I purchased enough yarn for 3 projects and couldn't be happier with the customer service and the quality of the yarn. I am planning to start knitting a swoncho with the light grey wool first.

DROPS yarns in a bag