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Keep On Crafting

Since my last post I have been working on a swoncho (sweater+poncho). It is an easy and relaxing project with just enough detail to keep me interested. I am really enjoying it and knitting with a worsted weight yarn is a nice change.

Swoncho knitted with pearl grey DROPS Karisma and KnitPro Zing knitting needles

As face masks now have become an essential part of our wardrobe, I have been also spending some of my free time sewing more fabric masks for my family. While my husband finds both the pleated and the Olson-type masks comfortable and likes to switch them up, my kids and I prefer the fit of the latter. These also have pockets for a filter and a nose wire. I think they turned out quite decent. If there is anything positive to this pandemic, one may be that my fear of sewing is slowly waning.

Pleated and Olson face masks sewn from fabric with flowers, polka dots, butterflies, and paint slatter

Interestingly, my daughter has been voicing her interest in sewing too. So I got her a few beginning sewing crafts, which she completed effortlessly. She even let me show them off on my blog. It was a pleasure watching her working on her projects so attentively. Although she is not quite ready to learn knitting yet, I am looking forward to the day, when we can knit beside each other.

Sew Cute kids sewing and needlepoint crafts


Anonymous said…
Those crafts are so cute!
Knitting Andrea said…
Yes, they are! Thank you!