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Fair Isle Flower Coin Purse

I enjoyed making the last coin purse so much that I had to knit another one. Isn't it cute? I am thinking of storing buttons or maybe some of my sewing supplies in it.

Coin purse knitted with DROPS Fabel Ruby Red and Silver Fox and closed with metal frame with kiss clasp lock

I used leftover DROPS Fabel in Ruby Red for the outer purse and Silver Fox for the inner purse and the fair isle flowers. This time I sewed on the metal frame with the kiss clasp lock much nicer than the last time. By first attaching the frame roughly with a thread, which I later removed, I didn't have to worry about the purse slipping out of the frame and was able to hide my actual stitches under the frame on the inside of the purse.

Coin purse knitted with DROPS Fabel and attached metal frame with kiss clasp lock

Since I have 3 more purse frames, as they were sold in a package of 5, I see myself knitting more of these fun little coin purses. 😉


Anonymous said…
I cant wait, it looks so cute!