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Face Mask Version 2.0

Although I like the simple face masks I sewed at my first attempt, their fit is not ideal. For this reason, I decided to stretch the limits of my sewing skills and make the Olson Face Mask, which fits the face much better and includes a pocket for an optional filter and nose wire. This pattern seemed quite complicated at first; however, after watching the video tutorial, it was easy to follow. I mean, easy conceptually. The sewing part, not so much, as I am still a sewing novice and had a few mishaps along the way. This design requires more fabric but less elastic. Fortunately, I was able to order more quilting cotton and my kids helped choosing the prints from the limited selection that was still available. All type of elastic band was out of stock and I ended up using hair elastic. I am pleased with how they turned out and feel proud that I was able to make them to keep my family safer. Nevertheless, they took a lot of time and patience. Hence, I am planning to stick with knitting and leave the task of mass-producing face masks to those with more experience and skill.

Face masks sewn from cotton fabric according to the Olson patter

Inside pocket of face masks sewn from cotton fabric according to the Olson pattern


Anonymous said…
They look so complex. I could never do something like that. Seems like they would be super comfy.
Anonymous said…
They look adorable!