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Spring Pullover

Tomorrow is the March equinox and I just finished a pullover that, to me, exudes spring. It is soft, light, and floral. The color varies from a soft pink to lilac to cornflower blue, depending on the lighting. It reminds me of my hydrangeas, which start blooming pink and gradually turn purple and then blue in a matter of weeks. The yarn I used is DROPS Air in the color Purple Haze. It is a blow yarn made from baby alpaca and merino wool in a polyamide tubing. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is incredibly squishy and soft. While I was working with it, I kept thinking of cotton candy. I followed the pattern Cloud Dancer by DROPS Design for the yolk but made some changes to the body and sleeves. In addition, I cast on more stitches than recommended by the pattern for the neck, which would have been very tight otherwise.

Handknitted purple sweater with DROPS Air and wooden tulips

This pullover was a very easy knit and I love how it turned out. I am looking forward to wearing it this spring. Let's hope that our sunny weather continues.


Anonymous said…
How do you make yarn into a variety of unique sweaters. It seems hard to count every single dimension and one mistake can ruin the sweater. It amazes me. They look so beautiful.
Knitting Andrea said…
Thank you! And don’t worry, a mistake will not ruin a sweater. Mistakes can be corrected and learned from. Have a good day!
Anonymous said…
Congrats for your amazing sweater!
I’ve just discovered this pattern on the DROPS website and immediately fell in love with it. So I’m now considering about knitting it. I find that (h)airy yarns look great for spring too, but I wonder if they wouldn’t be too warm for spring (let’s say 15 C°). I’m not particularly sensitive to cold^^ !
What you said about the choice of the colors is true. For example, I love the light grey green of the Cloud Dancer pattern, but when I wear this kind of color I find I look quite strange, like it’s not really me. I shouldn’t be influenced by the color but only the pattern, though.
Knitting Andrea said…
Thank you! I don't find it too warm. It feels very light and airy. I think it is a good sweater choice for spring. If you decide to knit it, I would love to see your version too.
Eugenia said…
Hi !!!! Love your Cloud Dancer sweater !!! How many stitches did you add to the neck ?? I think yours is better than the original !!!
Knitting Andrea said…
Hi Eugenia and thank you! I cast on 72 stitches (instead of 60) for the smallest size and did 8 rounds of K1P1, instead of A.1.