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Coping with 'social distancing' by knitting

Yesterday the World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. One of the measures many countries have implemented to halt further spread of the infection is 'social distancing'. Basically, it involves staying away from other people in order to minimize transmission of the virus. Of course, it doesn't mean that we need to shut ourselves into our homes completely, but to avoid large groups of people. Where I live the local public health department defined large group gatherings as those with more than 10 people. Therefore, most businesses transitioned to telecommuting, our schools closed, sporting and cultural events were cancelled, and many restaurants started offering curbside pickup to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

So how do people cope with the isolation and loneliness caused by 'social distancing'? For instance, knitting has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health. The rhythmic motion and sense of focus of knitting helps with the release of serotonin, a chemical that creates the feelings of calm and happiness in the brain. It has been described to have similar benefits to the mind as meditation. And how satisfying it is to be able to create functional and beautiful garments! So one way I am planning to cope with the negative social aspect of this unprecedented global health challenge is by focusing more on my knitting.

With excellent timing, yesterday I received a package of yarn. Although I ordered mostly sock yarn, as it was on sale, I have a stash of other types of yarn as well. In addition, there are multiple projects in my "timeout" pile that I think I am ready to finally complete.

Balls of DROPS Air Burgundy and skeins of DROPS Fabel in various colors

How about you? How are you planning to cope with the negative impact of 'social distancing'? By knitting or doing other types of craft? Perhaps by exploring gardening or exercising more? I hope you all find ways to stay happy and healthy!


I spend also much time on my (since 2011)knitting blog: I admire your violet socks. I Do not dare to put too big pictures on my blog, yours are beautiful and bright!because in the beginning 2011, I did that, and the blog was becoming overcrowded and on error ( solutions were too big of the pictures ) and thats why I put smaller made pictures on it. But I do not know rules are changed? Kind regards Mieke
Knitting Andrea said…
Hi Mieke,
Thank you for the nice words! You make beautiful shawls as well! I am not sure why you are not allowed to have bigger pictures on your blog. Perhaps you could contact Blogger about it. Thanks for visiting my blog!