Do you tend to knit with certain colors?

I was organizing my sweaters and noticed that I tend to knit with certain colors for myself. I grouped my sweaters into 3 color ranges: different hues of red, shades of grey with purple, and black. Most of them are black.

Two stacks of hand-knitted sweaters in different hues of red

Two stacks of hand-knitted sweaters in shades of grey and purple

Two stacks of hand-knitted sweaters in black

I love to wear black but wonder why there are no shades of blue, green, or yellow in my closet. I actually like mustard yellow, sage green, and pale blue. I am just more attracted to colors like burgundy, cerise, lavender, dusty purple, or pearl grey, and tend to notice these colors first when yarn shopping. When I choose a pattern to knit, I pay attention to the design and not the color. I think I have never used the color illustrated with a particular pattern. Color is personal. While one color may look or feel good on one person, it may clash with another person's personality or emotion. I bet the color of our clothes reveal a lot about us. Even if we aren't consciously aware of the symbolic meaning of the colors we choose, our subconscious may be. Do you agree? Do you tend to choose a particular color of yarn for your projects? When you follow a pattern, do you use the same color the designer used or change it to YOUR color?