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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Welcome to 2020! Do you have a New Year's resolution? I have a couple. I would like to finish some of my work-in-progress or, as I call them, time-out projects. I do not have many of those but always feel guilty starting a new project without finishing an old one. Hopefully, by finishing them I will feel more inspired to start more new and challenging patterns. The latter of which is my next resolution. I would like to make a Nordic sweater. I really like the look of Nordic patterns but have been intimidated by stranded color work. Learning this new technique would definitely be a big step out of my comfort zone, but an exciting one. Most importantly, however, I would like knitting to continue to be enjoyable and fun. Knitting is such an important part of my daily wind-down. I don't ever want to feel pressured to make anything I don't enjoy.

These are the projects I have been working on near the end of 2019:

I have been loving the fit of my hand-knitted socks with the asymmetrical toes; however, I noticed that they started to show some wear, though just a slight fuzziness, near the big toe, where shoes tend to rub on them most. I haven't noticed the same wear on my socks with symmetrical toes. I assume it is because the asymmetrical toes take the friction at the same spot during each use, while socks with other toe styles wear more evenly. Since I would like my socks to last for a long time, I decided to experiment with toe constructions that are sturdier while still fitting snug. The fit I liked best is of a rounded wedge toe with the same slipped-stitch pattern I use for the heel, but knitted tighter than normal to make it fit really snug around the toes. Here is the end result.

Socks knitted with DROPS Fabel in Silver Fox on table

Socks knitted with DROPS Fabel in Silver Fox on feet

Reinforced toes of socks knitted with DROPS Fabel Silver Fox

These socks were made with DROPS Fabel in the color Silver Fox. By the way, I can't say enough good things about this budget sock yarn. I haven't found one irregularity or knot within any of the skeins I have used so far. The finished socks take regular wear and machine washing really well while staying soft and vibrant.

The same goes for the DROPS alpaca yarns I have tried. I collected a bit of a stash during the alpaca sale and haven't regretted it. Currently, I am knitting a cardigan with DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk in black. I am mostly following Nineveh by DROPS Design, which is a pattern I printed a couple of years ago but never got to. It is a simple but elegant lacy pattern, well suited for this delicate yarn.

Work-in-progress cardigan knitted with DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk in black