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Creating a Knitting Chart with Stitch Fiddle

I usually draw my knitting charts on plain or graph paper. However, sometimes my dog, Chance, steals and chews them up (he likes to steal my kids' homework too) and I am left with a million slobbery pieces of paper to tape together or trying to recreate the pattern from memory. I have been avoiding softwares to create knitting charts in the past, because they looked too complicated to use and it just seemed faster to draw the charts out on paper.

Then last week I came across Stitch Fiddle. It is an online stitch pattern designer not just for knitting but also for cross stitching and crocheting. I love that I don't have to download anything and can just use it directly from my internet browser. I did have to create an account to be able to save and print my pattern, but the only information I had to provide was my email address. It is also mobile friendly, so I can use it on my phone whenever I am on the go.

Creating a knitting chart with Stitch Fiddle was surprisingly easy. It took me about 10 minutes to make the chart below. Although it doesn't have the exact symbols I am used to using, there are enough symbols in each category to choose from. I have to write the description for them anyway, which are then automatically listed in the legend. It even has a progress tracker to keep track of one's place in the chart, though I prefer to knit from a paper copy. Unfortunately, the free version only has a low resolution option for downloading and printing charts. It was not a problem for me this time, but it may be in the future with more complicated patterns. Nonetheless, Stitch Fiddle is a simple and user-friendly program for charting knitting patterns. It seems especially ideal for color work, which I have been contemplating of trying for a while now.

Knitting chart created with Stitch Fiddle and corresponding pullover knitted with DROPS Air