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Starting Over

For the past week or so I have been having a sinus infection, which in turn has been triggering bad migraine attacks; thus, I have not been feeling like knitting or writing much. Not feeling good may have contributed to me scrapping the jacket I have been working on. I didn't like how bulky it looked with the double cables on each side. For me this yarn just feels too thick for cables to look good. So I didn't think twice about frogging it.

Black jacket knitted with DROPS eskimo

I remembered seeing another jacket I liked, back when I was browsing the DROPS website looking for a pattern. It was the wide double-moss stitch bands on the front and the A-line shape that caught my eye and now I want to duplicate in my design. However, I would like my jacket to be a little longer with buttons further down, long sleeves, bigger collar, front pockets, and proportioned just right for me with a loser fit. Also, I am planning to make it seamless, as I prefer not to sew anything. Here is a very crude sketch of what I came up with. I hope that I have enough yarn to complete it.

A crude sketch of a jacket for knitting

I already started knitting it and, due to the simplicity of the pattern and the thickness of the yarn, this knits up really fast. Let's hope that this sinus infection clears up soon and I won't find something wrong with this pattern too. 😉

Partially knitted jacket with black DROP Eskimo