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Knitted Scrubby Washcloths

My kids go through a large volume of body wash very quickly. They don't like to use regular washcloths, because they don't hold suds, and those nylon shower scrunchies get gross quickly and are not really machine washable. To try to reduce the amount of soap they use with each shower/bath, I decided to make them washcloths that would, hopefully, hold suds better. I have been looking at polyester scrubby yarns at craft stores, but while they may be ideal for washing dishes, they look way too rough for the body. Then I noticed Yarn Bee Scrub-Ology Cotton at Hobby Lobby. It is a 100% cotton yarn and actually feels soft with just a bit of roughness, perfect for a little exfoliation. I bought a skein in the color Day Dream Thing and gave it a try.

I knitted two 6"x6" washcloths in garter stitch on 5.25mm knitting needles. The yarn is not the most pleasant to knit with, but the washcloths turned out great. They feel soft and look airy but dense at the same time. 

Two washcloths knitted with Yarn Bee Scrub-Ology Cotton in the color of Day Dream Thing

I put some soap on them and they do hold suds better than regular washcloths. I am hoping that my kids will like and use them. Since I have quite a bit of yarn left, I am planning to make more of these. The yarn is labeled machine washable and dryable, so I am hopeful that these washcloths will hold up well.