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My favorite sock pattern, so far

I have been experimenting with different heel and toe styles and have to admit that I like the traditional heel flap and the classic wedge toe the most so far. I like the look of the traditional heel flap and it feels the most comfortable to me. It holds my heel tightly and keeps the sock from slipping off my foot. It is the same situation with the classic wedge toe. This toe style hugs my toes without the pointiness of the barn toe or the extra material of a rounded toe bunching up in my shoe. Also, I don’t enjoy working with such a small number of stitches on a circular needle to cinch up the toe. I much prefer grafting it closed with the Kitchener stitch. I have tried knitting just a few heel and toe styles so far and only top down, so my preferences may change after I make more socks. However, here is the sock pattern I ended up liking the most, made with Drops Fabel in the color Candy. For my next pair of socks, I think I will try making left and right wedge toes to get a slightly better fit.

Socks have wedge toes and traditional heel flap
Socks are knitted with DROPS Fabel Candy

What is your favorite sock heel and toe style?