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What I dislike most about knitting is unraveling or frogging. I started making this wrap cardigan a couple of months ago from alpaca boucle. I modeled it after one of my favorite cardigans. It felt light and warm with a good drape. It looked exactly the way I imagined it would look. However, at some point during the process I stopped loving it and just couldn’t finish it. Since I like the yarn a lot, I decided to unravel the piece and use the yarn for something else. Undoing boucle, especially black, was NOT easy, but I was able to salvage the yarn.

Knitted with DROPS alpaca boucle

Chance, my dog, watched the process with fascination. I think he was hoping that the resulting yarn balls would become his toys.😉

Dog wants to play with yarn balls

I was thinking of making a loose pullover with a cowl neck or maybe a longer cardigan from the yarn. What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Your dog is really cute.
Anonymous said…
What's his name?
Knitting Andrea said…
Thank you! His name is Chance.