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Bags I made

I was recently asked to show some of the bags I made. I enjoy knitting bags between projects and it is a good way to use up leftover yarn.

This is one of my favorite bags. Since I used only scrap yarn, I splurged on the leather handles, coconut button, and cute lining.
Bag is lined and has leather handles
Bag has leather handles and coconut button

I made this bag to carry my larger knitting projects...
Bag is knitted with cables and fulled
and this one for my smaller knitting projects. I tried to make a "stained glass" pattern, but the colored yarn fulled differently than the black one and the pattern turned out a bit more compressed than I planned. I still like it though.
Bag is knitted with rainbow colors and black and fulled
Japanese knot bag
Japanese knot bag knitted with stripes and fulled
Cabled purse
Bag is knitted with cables
A purse I made for my daughter. She loves it.
Bag is knitted in multiple colors with cables, icord handle, felt button, and fulled


Anonymous said…
Your purses are very unique. I love the first one and how you added the fabric lining. I wish I was good enough to make one of those.