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Prism Socks

I made another pair of stash-buster socks. I followed a variation of the ridge check pattern from Prism Socks by Jaya Srikrishnan with stockinette heel flaps and my usual asymmetrical wedge toes and used DROPS Fabel Grand Canyon with Black. When I first used Grand Canyon (see post), I was very disappointed by this color, as I really didn't like the long peachy-beige stripes. However, I love it combined with black in this pattern and am glad that I gave this color another chance. Although the pattern by Jaya Srikrishnan was very easy to knit, I didn't like that the ridge check pattern on the top of the foot was not written to be centered. As I didn't notice this until I was ready to start the heel flap, I decided to divide the stitches for the heel and the top of the foot unequally, so that a slipped stitch would border each end of the heel. I think it looks much better like this.

Socks knitted with prism pattern laying next to 3 books and a cup of tea

Socks knitted with ridge check pattern in DROPS Fabel Grand Canyon and Black


Anonymous said…
Those socks look so pretty! I love the pattern.